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Tradepark Ltd exciting Newland Avenue retail acquisition

This week Tradepark Ltd is delighted to bring former Piper Club, Newland Avenue, Hull into it's expanding portfolio.

Tradepark Ltd have completed on the purchase of The Piper Club on Newland Avenue.  Tradepark Ltd is excited to add this site to their portfolio, and are keen to see it be occupied by a new venture that will lend to the local area.  The Piper Club has been a successful night club and bar since 1965, and Tradepark Ltd would be delighted to see it refurbished and filled with both Hull students and locals again as a thriving Bar/Night club.   It is a progressive time for the Newland Avenue area, and Tradepark Ltd look forward to adding to the ever growing amenities of this community.  Tradepark Ltd have added that they are also interested in hearing from retail operators as this is a large site, approximately 7000 sq ft internal area, which would offer a fantastic retail space with a heavy footfall.  Whether it be a new night club or a retail conversion Tradepark Ltd aim to convert this site so that it enhances the local amenities available to the area.

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